5 Major Facts that Affects Your Search Engine Ranking

According to the current statistics, Internet is the strongest and highest revenue earning sector. There has been a prominent growth in the roots confining e-commerce and technology. Between a whole mushrooming market of leading websites, it becomes very difficult and necessary at the same time to get your portal ranked well because the sole motive is to provide what the public is looking for. And for that, the website is required to be visible to the masses for the desired response.

Apart from creating a domain with the help of an established hosting site, it is very important to provide the exact services for the masses. There are many factors that effects the search engine ranking of any website.

Here is a description of some facts influencing the online ranking:

1. Richness of the Content you provide:

The content is basically what is being conveyed to the public and the major source of communication with the masses. So, whatever be the topic, content must be highly informative for the audience. First of all, the focus is supposed to be laid down on What the visitor wants to know? What are the constituents which he/she is willing to encounter? If the matter is unique, covers all the aspects, relatable to every query or search, attention of user will be grabbed automatically. Following are some points which must be embedded in good content:

Every website is giving its 100% to satisfy the customer and get ranked on search engine, but the emphasis is on which of the website is providing “better content”. For that, each and every point should be unique in its own way. From the use of language to structure, articles should be more or less different from one another. A unique article or workpiece will be tagged under highly informative matter.No idea should be copied in any way from any source.

2. Suitable Domain and URLs:

Domain name is an element which denotes belongingness of a website. It is something which cannot be copied. These domain names play a vital role in forming an indestructible rank on Internet. Certainly, it contributes in fetching higher click through rates, provides the right signals to the audience leading to more public trust, increases the potential of the brand.

On top of that, this domain name must fall into the perfect framework of google. Supposedly, if a name is unnecessarily long with keyword stuffed in an inefficient way, the aim goes unaccomplished. But, if the name is accurate, short, exact and consists of the right keyword, traffic gets generated easily.

Try embedding the most suitable keyword in your name. Moreover, one can also contrast with the highest traffic generating product or service and the domain name. this will eventually highlight the accuracy and ensure higher CTR. There are so many reputed web hosting sites that deliver quality as well as efficiency. Besides that, distinct web hosting offers from portals, for example Hosting Raja Coupons, can also be summed up to get better results.

3. Right Keyword in the Right Section

Excess use of anything is bad. Be it life or website, over-consuming is a clear No! Keywords are the most searched phrases or terms relation to a certain topic which must be embedded in the web-content in order to make it suitable for Seo Engine Ranking. Now, there are two terms- Keyword Stuffing and Keyword Inserting. Out of the two, Keyword Insertion should be the basic idea behind putting in appropriate keywords in relatable sections in the content. Whereas Keyword stuffing is known as mere throwing up numerous keywords everywhere possible inside the content.

According to Google’s Intelligence, an article with stuffed keywords is considered spam assuming that it is written with the purpose of ranking only. But, for Google, the aim is to provide for the consumer’s queries. It will always prefer the article with seemingly less but suitable keyword insertion in the sections related to each of them. Also, one can create unique keywords with jumbling and try to keep it easy for the search engine to crawl and approve.

4. Interlinking leads to better links across the Internet

“Friends of Friends”! Just like that, connections are built through interlinking between one portal and the other. Interlinking relates to connecting someone else’s website to your website. For an instance, XYZ website provides a link that directs to ABC website which is seen as an assurance on the part of XYZ for ABC taking it as a “vote of confidence”.

There is a certain way of liking pages internally. First of all, only trusted websites should be linked to your own. In case you are building links for a not so established site, Google might penalize the same. Besides that, links should be entered on relevant content at the relevant text. Anchor texts can be benefiting but one is supposed to be very careful about that. The search engine tackles the anchored texts with utmost evaluation.

Interlinks are always good both for the users and for the website as these draw audience’s trust as well. But, links are not to be forced into the content instead one should enter the links properly with focus on what is being linked and how it is linked?

5. Bounce Rate and Click Through Rates

Click through rate is the percentage of visitors on one website or links. Increased CTR, obviously, increases the search engine ranking in all aspects. One should focus on building the CTR of the website by using suitable keywords, informative content, meta descriptions etc. We already know about the importance of Good content and Keywords, as far as meta description is concerned, it is one essential element too. With Meta description, Google analyses and judges which and what content will be relevant for the users. This description also represents the website content on search engine.

Bounce rate, this means that a user is definitely visiting your website but is hoping out, without performing any activity, in approximately 1-2 minutes. Higher the bounce rate, lower the CTR. As a result, the website rank goes down. So, focus is to be laid upon engaging the audience with influencing and awaking content or services. A proper balance is required between the CTR and Bounce rate of a website.


Keeping the above-mentioned points in mind, the portal should be formed under the perfect framework for the audience. Providing benefiting services and information will definitely enhance the search engine ranking and the reputation as well. Moreover, too much of anything must be avoided, from keyword stuffing to interlinking, every aspect should be taken care of and mended.

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