5 Features of a Successful Online Store

Opening an online store is an exciting undertaking. But, before opening the doors to your virtual store, you must do some research in order to set it up for success. Start by looking at five features shared by successful online stores.

Easy Navigation

Most shoppers spend just a few seconds deciding whether they want to shop in a particular online store or move on. So, easy navigation is a must-have feature for any online store. This means visitors can quickly locate the products they are looking for in the virtual store. The design of the online store’s website should make it easy for visitors to browse the inventory. A shopper who has an easy time looking through a store’s selection is likely to return to the virtual shop to look again or even make a purchase in the future.

Colorful Graphics

Another feature of successful online stores is colorful graphics. The colors must complement one another and be pleasing to the eye. The print should be easy to read and the images should capture the attention of every visitor. A creative, colorful website plays a part in maintaining loyal customers and attracting new ones.

Intriguing Descriptions

The inclusion of intriguing product descriptions is important to the success of any type of online store. Since shoppers aren’t able to touch the merchandise, detailed, accurate descriptions of products can help to make the sale. Clear, succinct product descriptions are the best kind for shoppers who want to find exactly what they need without leaving their home.

Secure Checkout

A secure checkout experience is definitely a component of a successful online store. When shoppers put items into their virtual shopping cart they want to know that their personal information including their name, address and payment information is safe from cybertheft. In addition, most shoppers want the checkout process to be as fast and simple as possible. For instance, if a shopper wants to take an item out of the shopping cart or change a size or model, it should be a simple task. Some online store owners opt for free shopping cart software to help them set up a checkout system that shoppers will appreciate.

Excellent Customer Service

A successful online store has customer service that is second to none. Some stores have live chat monitored by customer representatives who answer questions about prices, product features and more. Other stores provide customers with an email address they can use to pose their questions or explain issues they are having with products. Online stores can also have a telephone number that customers can call in order to talk to a customer representative. Of course, some online stores offer all three services to customers. Most shoppers appreciate the option of being able to get assistance even if they don’t need it.

These are just five features shared by most successful online stores. In order to stay in business an owner must always be thinking of ways to give the customer better service. This may mean improving on products, giving customers faster delivery or expanding a particular line of products. An ambitious store owner is constantly thinking of ways to attract more shoppers.

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