5 Duplicate File Finder Tools You Shouldn’t Miss

The best duplicate file finder & remover tools offer the easiest solution to de-duplicate your device storage in a jiffy. The powerful scan engines of these advanced tools help you deep clean your device storage. You can use its matching algorithms to find & clean both duplicates and similar files effortlessly. Using these tools is easy and effective as they help you remove duplicate files even from the remotest corners of your device storage. While there is a number of these tools available, here we have discussed the 5 best tools to help you find & remove all identical files on Windows.

1. Duplicate Files Fixer

Use this one of the best duplicate file finder and remover & remover tools to deep clean your system storage. Its scanning criteria option allows you to set the level of similarity to find & delete duplicates and similar looking files. For safe cleaning, it takes backup of all your files so that you can recover the file in case of accidental deletion. It even offers folder exclusion option to help you exclude important folders from scanning process to keep valuable data untouched. It supports cleaning all types of files to deliver accurate results. This powerful tool works seamlessly irrespective of the volume of files you have. It supports cleaning on both internal & external device storage. You can use Duplicate Files Fixer to de-duplicate Windows, Mac, and Android storage.
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2. CCleaner

Use this advanced duplicate remover software to quickly locate duplicate files and delete them in a jiffy. You can use this tool to delete all types of duplicate files including photos, videos, music & audio files, documents, and other files. During the process, it scans files on multiple attributes including the same name, same size, modified date, and same content to deliver instant and accurate results. It allows you to ignore certain files like zero-byte files, system files, read-only files etc. to help you get accurate and instant results. It even allows you to include certain file types like.DOC files, .exe files etc. to get instant results. At the same time, it also allows excluding these file types when needed.
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3. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder works efficiently on all Windows versions and delivers accurate results. It helps you remove identical copies and free up valuable disk space. Working on industry acknowledged Auslogics technology, it helps you deep clean your system and boost system performance significantly. Once scanned, it gives you full control over your scan results to decide which files to keep or delete. Its smart algorithms not only compare file names but also file contents to ensure accurate search results. It comes as freeware for both home or commercial usage.
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4. Easy Duplicate Finder

Easy Duplicate File Finder is a smart tool designed to work effortlessly on both Windows and Mac systems. It offers a simple few clicks process to save your time while delivering accurate results. You can use this tool to de-duplicate and manage photos, videos, songs, emails, and more. It works on fast and accurate scan engines to deliver instant results. Once scanned, it allows you to move, rename or delete duplicate files in a single click. It also offers a preview option to help you view files before you delete them.
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5. MindGems Duplicate File Finder

This Duplicate File Finder smart tool deep analyzes file data in order to find similar files. During the process, it looks for same file names, file sizes and similar file content. It works on fast binary comparison algorithms and offers an internal preview option to easily manage your file collection. It displays scan results in groups where it automatically marks all oldest identical files for deletion. Duplicate file remover auto-mark option allows you to exclude certain file types & extension from deletion. You can even exclude source code if you want.
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Using the above mentioned duplicate file finder & remover tools, you can easily de-duplicate your storage space in a jiffy. It even helps you boost your system performance significantly. In addition to these tools, if you want to share some other tools, then feel free to comment below.

Metadata: Using advanced duplicate file finder & remover tools, you can easily de-duplicate your device storage. Let’s discuss some of these effective tools here.

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