5 Best Security Plugins for Your WordPress Blog

If you are the proud owner of a beautiful and successful blog you are probably already well aware of the amount of work put into it. Weeks and weeks of content creation, marketing, replying to comments, researching and analytics. It would be a shame to see everything go to waste all because of some hacker or software error. If you want to make sure that your readership will continue to get the best out of what your blog has to offer you will want to learn more about these Five BulletProofWordpress Plugins. Let’s take a look at the top 5 contenders for WordPress blogs, which are also free of charge.

1. BulletProof Security

bulletproof security
We all know that there are frequent online attacks, and malware that can harm our online investment. Attempts using XSS, Base64, RFI, SQL Injection, and Code Injection (which I believe is the worst), are only a few examples of disasters that may befall your site if it is not protected. The Bulletproof security plugin will ensure that you can rest safely each night. Furthermore, it protects your htaccess files, and notifies you in case somebody has registered with wrong passwords through login form. This means that if your blog features automated login and registration forms for people offering guest posts, you will not have to fear the interference of a hacker. In terms of usability, it is extremely user friendly, navigable and it requires no manual configuring.

2. Secure WordPress

Secure WordPress is capable of handling data that you would rather not have seen, like the WordPress version information. In addition, it will remove information related to Really Simple Discovery, Live Writer, theme updates for non-admins and so on. Another interesting feature is the index.php added to the plug-in directory, which will protect you from all suspicious queries. All in all it is a pretty sturdy protective mechanism that will do the job by itself.

3. WP Security Scan

As the name states, the Security Scanner checks for possible cracks in the infrastructure of your blog. It begins by analyzing your website, then it will suggest a few things that might help you increase security, and last it will monitor passwords, file permissions and database security. Much like Secure WordPress, WP Security Scan also hides information related to the WordPress version, it removes the WP generator Meta Tag from the core code and it creates a powerful protective shell for your beloved blog.

4. Wordfence Security

Woodfence is without a doubt the most effective security plugin, which I truly recommend for enterprise security. In case you didn’t know, this awesome plugin also includes anti-virus scanning feature, a firewall barrier and monitoring of crawlers and their behavior. According to recent studies, it is the only plugin that can repair your theme, core and plugins files, without even needing additional backup data. Robots, errors and human visitors will become visible to you with the help of Woodfence Security.

5. Better WP Security

Woodenfence may be the strongest protective plug-in available, but Better WP Security is a lot more popular. Obviously it is also one of the best plugins, but from different perspectives. To start with, it has a one-click activation for almost all features, and it will get the job done for you. Among its many capabilities, blocking suspicious users, bot detection, flexible URLs for login and admin, and unnecessary programs will be neatly handed by the system. It is so intuitive that it can predict future problems, and solve them accordingly.

These are the five plugins which I consider are the most efficient in protecting your WordPress website or blog. Don’t get sidetracked by other social or fun plugins, because you will risk becoming the victim of hackers or malware.

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