4 Ways Web Design Impacts Customer Experience

Your website design is one of the first things that visitors looks at. If the visitors aren’t able to relate to it, they leave almost immediately.

Now we are not talking about the age-old websites that still carry that old-fashioned design, but are still fulfilling the purpose. We are talking about websites that have evolved recently, and there has been huge emphasis laid on how they are designed.

A complete science goes into how websites are designed now, for the design straightaway impacts the customer experience. Here are some of the ways in which the website design affects overall customer experience.

Appearance of the Website

Obviously, your website design impacts its appearance and it is the first thing that visitor catch hold of. Your website is the face of your business and it definitely plays a huge role in your company’s first impression to the visitors.

It hasn’t been long that we have started seeing newer, sleeker websites that adhere to modern web design standards. Earlier it was like all the websites were designed in the 1990s, and were never revamped. Nonetheless, the newer, modern websites now have designs that are responsive, have parallax scrolling, have bigger & bolder fonts and are multimedia-rich.

Yes, the overall experience now is far better than it was a decade ago; and we’ve made a huge leap in terms of web designs and development combined!

More Professional & Holistic

Unless you are Berkshire Hathway seriously, have a look at it!), you need a great website that looks more professional and gives feel of the business you are into.

We are referring to impression that your business makes on your website’s visitors before they even start reading through the content. If it is more professionally designed, it will clearly make the visitor understand that you are a modern, respectable and trustworthy business.

Remember, your website is the face of your business! You can’t afford a lousy one!

Clarity of Information

Whatever business you are into, your website should be able to clearly indicate each and everything, section-wise. Clarity here means designing the website in a way that visitors can find what they are looking for, as quickly as possible!

Intuitive and familiar navigation styles generally allow the visitors to quickly find the information they want.
All in all, make it easier for your visitors to go through the information on your website!

Website Load Time

We need not explain this! Even you would not have reached down here to read this point had this website not loaded in time. Yes, website load time matters and it matters in more than just one way. It keeps the visitors on the website and also helps with rankings.

As a web designer, one can do a number of things to reduce website load time, some of which includes optimizing image sizes, removing auto-play multimedia and increasing white spaces – making it easier for visitors to have quicker and distraction-free experience.

Wrapping Up

Though there are a number of ways in which website design impacts customer experience, these four are the most notable ones. Hope you’d agree to the above points. Please feel free to add more ways in which you think the web design has helped you improve customer experience!

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