4 Results-Proven Methods to Creating Great Web Design

The change in the digital world is very fast. It is more like a fashion world where trends keep coming and going. Web designers have to be on their toes always to keep up with the changes. The designing world is ever evolving, where trends keep changing, but the basics, which are the foundation, remain the same. It is these basics that act as the building blocks for the trends to develop.

Here are a few of the basic website design elements that a good and successful website designing company will always pay heed to.

Depict a Story

Once users find you and land at your website, they should find a story that resonates with their challenges, expectations and problems. The story should succeed in convincing them that they have landed at the right place and you have the solution to their problems. If they can sense a promise and a commitment from your side that you might offer a solution they were looking for, it engages them and motivates them to stay on your website and explore it.

Landing Page Layout

A website designer knows that he has only 3 seconds to make an impression on an average visitor because this is the time in which a visitor makes a decision to either stay and explore or abandon a webpage. To make these 3 seconds count, the landing page layout plays an important role.

It is always recommended to design it based on the above-the-fold and below-the-fold concept. The Above-The-Fold area can be compared to the upper half of the newspaper where the visitor’s eyes fall first. It should thus contain all the primary information like captivating headlines, engaging video, primary call-to-action button or an image illustrating the message you want to convey to your readers.

The primary job of this half of the landing page is to hook the visitors and generate curiosity and motivation to stay and explore further. They do this by scrolling down and reaching Below-The-Fold. This section is meant to display all secondary information but in a clean and crisp manner without cluttering stuff.

Trust Element

As your viewers have stayed on your website by trusting on your promise to resolve their issues, they should be provided some more assurance that you can be relied upon. This affirmation that what is being promised will be delivered comes in the form of reviews and testimonials of your existing customers. Nothing works better in assuring the prospects of your capability in delivering than the testimonials of satisfied customers. These should be placed subtly in such a manner that they can be found easily.

Guided Navigation

The importance of guided navigation is another important aspect of designing as it offers the best user experience. It also sends the message that you care for them. These are some of the basic designing elements, which work as a solid foundation.

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