4 Most Preferred Server Tools of the Laravel Community

Laravel is a web app framework of PHP that has an elegant and expressive syntax. PHP makers believe that development should be a creative, enjoyable experience to be genuinely fulfilling. In majority of web projects, Laravel attempts to take the pain out of development through easing common tasks.

In the crowded PHP world where frameworks happen to fizzle out, Laravel rose in such a way out of the ashes that soon it became the apple of the eye of the whole community. An MVC framework, with faster development, elegant coding, lower processes time and fast execution not only makes it the first preference for businesses but also provides a new dimension to an existing website.

Laravel aims in making the process of development a pleasing one for a developer, with no need to sacrifice app functionality.

Happy developers make the best code anyway.

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Why Laravel Is So Much Popular?

The popularity of Laravel for developers truly lies on the fact that all common tasks, or those repeated across projects could be easily solved, thus one could move onto the creative tasks of writing custom functions much faster. This of course means that delivery time is shorter and more cost-effective. One of the critical concerns of a web owner is making sure that all users are verified and no authorization users could gain access to resources. Laravel makes authentication fast and easy since everything is configured already. What’s more provides a simple method to organize authorization logic and controlling the access to resources on a user.

Laravel has a very clean and simple API over SwiftMailer library. Also, it offers drivers for Mailgun, Amazon SES, SMTP, Mandrill and others, enabling sending mail via local or cloud based services. Furthermore, there’s also support for sending notifications through numerous delivery channels, like Slack and SMS.


A Laravel development company provides instant access to all-encompassing solutions, which help shape such avant-garde tech framework in the organization. A tech-savvy seasoned developer take care of the Laravel-based implementations. The developers in Laravel companies help achieve a cost-effective solution. Laravel-based builds are developed, adhering to saving methods, which render dynamic web capabilities.

There are many service providers that use agile development methodology to deliver solutions. Moreover, expert developers could create an app that would meet specific user and business needs. Development experts could provide unique insight and help with each and every aspect of the Laravel package development, from consulting and strategy to implementation and integration.

Top Server Tools of the Laravel Community

The tools are the most preferred server tools among the Laravel developer community. A server tool with an open source attribution helps perform crucial actions over coding as well as project implementations. It has to facilitate easy hosting and review code standards, along with project management. Simply put, it should help developers to seamlessly band together in the software building process. Determining the right server tool is very much a part of software development. Check out the following most commonly used Laravel server tools.

1. Bitbucket

It’s a distributed version control system that is focused on creating the space for enhanced collaboration. Bitbucket lets developers construct deeper integration within the actual UI of the product. Moreover, with extensive tooling options, it inspires developers to carry out numerous activities within itself, thus nullifying context-switching over between tools. It provides end-to-end visibility from coding to deployment. Moreover, with the server tool, there is no need for CI server initiation nor repositories synchronization.
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2. GitHub

The source code management one could get with GitHub is pretty good and tight. And, it’s right up on the top of the list of reasons why people prefer it for Laravel development. It’s simple and to learn and operate. GitHub’s interoperability with open source projects is possibly another good reason for the overwhelming popularity. Furthermore, it provides developers great control to track cod revisions performed.
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3. DigitalOcean

With this platform, the requisite of deploying and scaling web apps gets very much simpler. The community support it top-notch. Every now and then, the community pages are adjusted and updated. Also, developers get to benefit greatly from the boatload of available tutorials, together with countless community projects. As a whole, DigitalOcean, the Laravel framework becomes spontaneous and simple. Most of all, Laravel Forge adopted it, and when used in unison, the combination will guarantee quicker rendition.
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4. Laravel Forge

It’s a tool that is proudly developed by Laravel to offer a trouble-free server management experience. This lets developers focus more on developmental attributes by dealing with deployment and hosting requirements effectively. It builds customized work flow, enabling developers to stay in the middle of the action all the time. When setting up Forge along with DigitalOcean API, it becomes much easier to originate a server with Forge. Forge, ultimately helps setup staging environments easily on a server, which one could save big cumulative time.
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All the tools have been widely used by the developer community and Laravel development companies. At the end of the day, it’s up to developers to go for a tool that helps them to remain at their efficient best.

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