4 Latest Trends to Follow for eCommerce Mobile Website Design in 2016

Mobile website designing is at its peak and every company is inclined toward it to enjoy the best benefits of it. 2015 was a wonderful year for the web, especially in the area of eCommerce mobile website design and development. The demand and use of portable gadgets have grown beyond leaps and bounds and will continue to do so in 2016. If you are new to the world of eCommerce web design services, you must know and implement some factors in your new or existing mobile website design to ascertain your growth in the world of online marketing.

1. Responsive Website Design

responsive design
Since the groundbreaking entrance in 2012, the demand for responsive ecommerce web design services has paced up continuously with each passing year. The user-friendly design, easy navigation, quick loading time, and other beneficial features have become few of the basic norms of eCommerce web design company when it comes to designing an amazing mobile website. Moreover, the responsive website design is also recommended by the Google over a simple website to ensure higher ranking on the search result pages. So, if you have not opted for eCommerce web design services till date or have not transitioned over from a desktop version of your eCommerce website for an ease of navigation, it is recommended to hire an eCommerce web design company to ensure higher traffic from smartphone users.

2. Parallax Scrolling

parallax scrolling
These days, more than 80% of people throughout the world are using their smartphones to access the internet for browsing information, shopping, conversation, searches and other tasks. In order to ensure amazing and hassle-free browsing experience, most the of the eCommerce web design company are choosing parallax scrolling over scrolling. Of course, scrolling a long page is much easier than clicking through several pages. Parallax scrolling not only reduces the need to wait for pages to load but also add depth to any mobile website design.

3. Video and Graphic Based Content



It is a well-known fact that an average web surfer loves to scan the overall content of the website. No one is there to read all the stuff written over the websites. This is all the foremost eCommerce web design company now focus on developing graphic-based content rather than developing large text-based content. Graphics-based eCommerce mobile website offer an ultimate way to lure potential customers in the most entertaining and interactive manner for making them purchase your offerings.

4. Blurred Background

blurred background
This trend has been used in various eCommerce web design services for many years but recently it has become popular too on eCommerce mobile websites these days. Most of the eCommerce web design company incorporate this theme in the websites to not only make their website visually appealing but also to highlight the important elements of the website. This trick is widely used to make the copy readable for the users.

Of course, these are only a few points that are trending in mobile eCommerce web design services. There are plenty of trends that are related to the gesture, interface, material design and so on. Do any of these current trends exist in your website design? If not then you should really need to worry about making few changes in your website so that even mobile users can have an amazing navigation experience on your website.

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