3 Free Instagram WordPress Plugins for Your Business Website

Instagram is a widely-sought after social media platform for your businesses worldwide on the Internet. You can use it for marketing your business. You can install them easily and use them to improve the functionality of your website to your targeted audience.

You may opt for free as well as paid versions of the above plugins and easily display photos from specific user accounts on your business website. When you are installing the plugin, you are at liberty to choose from which user account you want the image to be imported from. You can also decide on the items to display along with some other features. These Instagram photo feeds can later be inserted into pages and posts displayed on the footer of your site or the sidebar areas of your business website via widgets.

What do premium WordPress Plugins do?

However, when you opt for premium plugins, you can do a lot more with your website. For instance, you may get the advantages of more photo filters to make your photos more impressive. You can also get photos that are tagged with some hashtags along with images that have been liked by users and specific content from the locations set.

Premium plugins do not cost you much, and you may opt for them for a minimal investment. These options give you options on how content can be displayed on your Instagram website. You effectively can view these presentation and display options via demos on the pages where the plugins are available before you choose whether to use them.

What are the best three free WordPress and Instagram Plugins for your business?

Nevertheless, if you wish to display photos from your Instagram profile on your WordPress business website regardless of what your budget is, the following are some of the best free plugins you can opt for-

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1. Instagram Feed

This Instagram plugin has good user reviews and ratings. It is free and has over 400,000 active installations. Once you have installed this plugin, you can display photographs from non-private Instagram profiles. This plugin provides you with the option of creating many feeds throughout your business website. It displays images from many accounts. This is a fantastic way to ensure that your business website receives a consistent stream of photographs from a wide range of sources.

Another top advantage of this WordPress Instagram plugin is you can get control over how the images are controlled on the website. You have the liberty to control the photos as well as the number of images that are displayed on your site at a given point in time. You can adjust the image height as well as its width.

There is another feature called the optional load that gives your visitors the opportunity to display content from featured feeds if they want to. Instagram Feed is a completely mobile responsive plugin and it helps your business website look amazing on every device. This plugin receives regular updates and it is compatible to the latest changes that makes Instagram work. If you are a small business owner or a new business who are looking for followers for your website, use this plugin.
Download Here

2. WP Instagram Widget

This is a simple Instagram WordPress plugin for displaying photos on your website. The plugin is easy for you to set up. You do not need to authenticate the integration. The process entails you entering your basic details of your Instagram account and choose where you wish to display the widget on your business website. This plugin is not only simple but it does not have a negative impact on the website loading time of your WordPress site. This plugin does not have many features except for the fact that is displays photographs from Instagram to your website. If you are searching for a plugin that is streamlined and basic when it comes to operations, this plugin is the perfect one for you to use for your WordPress site.
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3. Feed Them Social

This Instagram plugin that works with Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. If you are looking for a single plugin that helps you display a wide range of social media content from many platforms, Feed Them Social is your ideal choice. There is a free version of this plugin that gives you Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest Feeds, groups, events and albums. If you opt for the upgraded version you can display feeds from YouTube and video feeds from Facebook along with Carousels. You will also get other extensions for this plugin that will give you more options. The free version of this plugin will help you to choose what content to display from a number of feeds as well as from your own account and the accounts of others. The content from these feeds can be displayed on your pages, posts and other content in the sidebar region of your business website. This plugin makes all your content mobile responsive and it looks good on mobile devices. Today, customers view sites on mobile devices. If you choose this plugin, you can reach out to them anywhere and at anytime.

The best part of Feed Them Social is that it is a plugin that is customizable and flexible for you to use. You get the opportunity to display content from a wide array of feeds. You can also watch demos of Feed Me Social on its homepage to get an idea of how it works.
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Wrapping things up

Therefore, if you are looking for Instagram and WordPress plugins for your business website, opt for these top 3 free plugins for your needs. Use them and improve the functionality of your WordPress website. Gain the competitive edge and establish your brand presence without hassles!

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