3 Basic Foundation Steps to Make A Credible Website for Your Business

To have a domino effect on your business, building a good website is an important step. It’s always recommended to hire the services of a professional website designing company, Delhi or anywhere else. Professionals know how to avoid putting inaccurate, unnecessary and unreliable information on the website. Instead of taking a nutty approach, which at times happens when a novice tries to design a website, they will design it in such a manner that it appears to be credible and trustworthy with all essential elements in place.

Here are some of the foundation steps to make a credible website for your business.

Have an Appealing Design

“People judge a book by the cover” – this statement holds true everywhere. It’s the visuals that engage the person initially and motivate him/her to dig deep and explore your website. A good and experienced web development company in Noida or wherever you have hired it will never compromise on the aesthetics of the website. It works as a primary foundation for building trust and good reputation.

The Layout of Landing Page Should Be Engaging

It’s at the landing page where a person decides whether to explore the website further or abandon it. On an average, they take just 3 seconds to decide this. Thus, to compel the users to explore the website further, you need to have a gripping and engaging landing page. Professionals often follow Above-The-Fold and Below-The-Fold approach while designing the landing page. It can be understood as a folded newspaper with above the fold containing all the important and gripping headlines. If the first half of the newspaper engages the readers, they are more likely to go further to the bottom half.

Applying the same concept to the landing page, the Above-The-Fold should contain all the primary content like an image or a video illustrating the message or story you want to convey, gripping headlines, primary call to action etc. The Above-The-Fold of the landing page is very important as it is the first thing the visitors see when they land on your webpage. Thus, it should be designed in such a manner that the visitors feel obliged to scroll down and explore Below-The-Fold. All secondary and additional information should then be placed here.

The basic function of the first half is to persuade visitors to stay on the website by depicting the promise that they are in the right place. The second half of the landing page should educate and convince the visitors why your products and services are the right choices for them. This half should include trust elements like testimonials and customer reviews to further strengthen their belief that they are at the right place.

Use Interactive Maps

Whatever data you are presenting to your users should get their attention and involvement. This can be achieved only if the data is interactive in nature and for that making use of interactive maps is one of the best bets. This web design element and practice invites action from the user, which engages them. Using the two fundamental features of any interactive map, which are zooming and panning, the user feels that he/she is in control to change visuals and can focus on the information that he wants to know more.

Besides these basic foundation steps that any good website designing company will include to make a credible website, there are few other things to take care of. This includes having some progress trackers on the website so that weak areas can be figured out and improvised. The focus is always to provide an excellent user experience.

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