25 UI Tools That Designers Must Have in Their Kitty

Being a graphic designer, it’s quite natural for you to crave for sophisticated and dynamic UI tools that help you create enthralling applications and websites. Designing a good interface is a challenging process. And owing to the cut-throat competition that exists in the designing industry, have compelled designers to look for ways to redesign a well-crafted interface that gives a valuable and delightful experience to the users.

In this post, we are going to discuss about some handy UI tools which are sure to help you in the entire designing process. All the tools are unique in their own way and have been selected for the powerful functionalities and features they have to offer.

1. Usability Tools

Usability Tools is a powerful UI tool that helps you optimize websites for a better experience and improved conversion. With this tool, designers can view their project from the user’s perspective and make changes to meet their expectations.

2. Almost Flat UI

A simple to use UI tool, Almost Flat UI comes with everything you need to build competitive websites. Based on Foundation Framework, designers can complete projects without having any need of implementing SASS or scratching from the surface to create something really dynamic.

3. MouseStats

Create professional and great-looking projects with MouseStats. The tool is extremely helpful to see all the mouse movements, key-strokes and clicks as a movie.

4. uikit

uikit is a simple to use and modular front-end framework that helps you develop compelling interfaces with minimal efforts.

5. Yet Another UI v2

An easy to use UI kit, the Yet Another UI v2 Kit comes complete with a set of widgets that let your visitors enjoy design of your website.

6. Usabilla

Create delightful interfaces and increase conversion with visual feedback on what your visitors feel while browsing your website with Usabilla.

7. Verify

Verify is a great tool for collecting and analyzing the visual feedback on your website on either screens or mockups.

8. Ink v2

Ink v2 is an instant way of creating highly attractive and responsive designs effectively. It also uses an approach of creating grid layouts.

9. Naview

Naview is a reliable tool for creating intuitive navigations via prototyping and testing. It also helps you create drop down menus without writing even a single line of code. Plus, you can also visualize your navigation in multiple ways.

10. Flatby UI

This solid UI tool provides a simple method of creating an impressive UI. This is very much familiar with Bootstrap and it is a perfect choice for the designers to see how a content can be tweaked and how pages work with individual kits.

11. Polldaddy

Polldaddy offers all the great features you need to create surveys and polls that work in tune with your brand objectives and vision.

12. TryMyUI

Know what users have to say and think about your website. Get narrated videos to see how people are interacting with your website and performing the tasks you want them to perform.

13. Pure

Pure is perfect in offering small and lightweight set of CSS modules that help you add wings to your designing project.

14. Futurico UI HTML Edition

Futurico comes complete with a handy set of user interface elements that can be easily dropped in an existing page layout. Developed with minimal approach in mind, the tool also boasts some visual flourishes and interesting functionalities such as tabs and sliders.

15. Loop11

Test the visibility of your website with this simple yet powerful tool called Loop11. This automated service is great in checking the usability of your website via scenario based tests.

16. Attensee

Easily split-test your web designs and on the basis of score select the one which displays maximum efficiency.

17. Silverback

Silverback back is an extremely helpful tool for Mac users to perform guerrilla testing on their device without having any need to go through complicated configurations.

18. serTesting

Offer a pleasurable experience to your visitors and get to know about their feedback while navigating through your website and mobile app.

19. WhatUsersDo

As the name suggests, it’s a powerful tool for understanding the behavior patterns of your customers, their experience, and how it creates an impact on the overall performance of your website. The tool is helpful in selecting different users, and then watching recordings of the users for whom you have set the tasks.

20. MockingBird

MockingBird is an online efficient tool that makes it easy for you to create links, preview them and also share mockups of your application. It’s a great tool to experiment with innovative ideas before you finally decide on the final design.

21. UXPin

Design high-impact interfaces, interactive wireframes and prototypes with the help of drag-and-drop options provided by this dynamic tool.

22. Macaw

Macaw as a high-end image editing tool provides a greater level of flexibility and ease to designers for writing semantic HTML and CSS. Designers can effortlessly set breakpoints to optimize their websites for multiple devices. It also provides a great collection of fonts that help you integrate beautiful fonts on your web pages.

23. Stylify Me

Stylify Me is a high-performing tool that help you reach multiple styling options and visual elements including background colors, text, typography, and image dimensions on a web page. It is easy to use, all you need to do is enter the URL at the top of the page and click on Stylify Me button.

24. Justinmind

Build prototypes faster for mobile and websites. Justinmind is a great tool designed to create flawless wireframes and mockups. 

25. Gliffy

Gliffy is a high-end tool used for creating professional looking flowcharts, diagrams, network diagrams, wireframes and more. And the best part is it works directly in your browser.

Wrapping Up

So, there we have it all. The above mentioned tools are highly efficient that help you express your ideas clearly and quickly.


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