10 New Frameworks to Make A Developer’s Work Easier

A framework can be considered as a software application which is useful for developers in quickly designing and developing dynamic websites. With the advent of HTML5 and CSS3, design and development is becoming an easier endeavor for nearly everyone.

However, numerous number of software applications and tools have been released every week but finding appropriate and useful applications could be a arduous task for developers.
Therefore, we have collected some of the latest and most recently popular frameworks which will assist you within your coding undertakings and make your life somewhat easier, and also save you time so you can step out and do more things you enjoy in life! We hope these frameworks will serve your code purpose and projects.

1. Helios : Extensible Mobile Backend Framework

Helios is an open-source framework that provides essential backend services for iOS apps, from data synchronization and push notifications to in-app purchases and passbook integration. It allows developers to get a client-server app up-and-running in just a few minutes, and seamlessly incorporate functionality as necessary.
Helios is a constellation of mobile backend components – Mix and match to meet the specific needs of your app. Built on the Rack webserver interface, Helios can be easy added into any existing Rails or Sinatra application, or used by itself. It is released under MIT License.

2. The IIO Engine : Open Source Interactive App Framework for HTML5

The iio Engine (pronounced ‘ee-oh’) is an extensive application framework that helps with the creation and deployment of HTML5 applications. The framework provides a feature rich SDK, an advanced debugging system, and a cross-platform deployment engine. The iio Engine has no dependencies and can be interfaced with Box2D. The core platform is open source and totally free.
iio was designed from the ground up to be as lightweight as possible. Most data is ‘undefined’ by default, so your app will never be carrying any extra weight. No application is too simple to benefit from utilizing iio. The iio Engine is not a bulky framework – its about 1/70th the size of an average mp3 file.

3. Kartograph : Framwork for Interactive Maps with SVB

Kartograph is a framework for creating interactive maps without any mapping provider (like Google Maps). It consists of 2 libraries 1) a Python library that renders vector maps from shape files or Post GIS and converts them to SVG and 2) a JavaScript library for turning these SVG data into interactive maps.
If you already have the SVG data (for ex: any drawing can be converted to SVG with Adobe Illustrator), only the JavaScript library can help too. The JS library uses jQuery + Raphaël, outputs can be styled with CSS and a very good documentation is provided.

4. Markup Framework

Markup Framework is a fresh and collection of layouts, widgets, typographic styles and other UI components which can be used as a base for any web project. It is mostly HTML-CSS with very few JavaScript and focuses on providing the base/skeleton rather than the look/design.
The framework includes multiple style choices for typography, forms and UI widgets. Also, there are many ready-to-use layouts (with mobile-first approach), a flexible grid and CSS reset.

5. Chocolate : A Simple Webapp Framework

Chocolate is a webapp framework built on node.js using Coffeescript. It includes source control with Git, an HTML markup language for building web UIs with pure Coffeescript, and an online documentation editing tool, among other features.

6. Medoo : Single File PHP Database Framework

Medoo is a lightweight (~8kb) PHP framework for working with SQL databases. The framework comes as a single file and works with MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite (and more). It has methods for all the common SQL queries and controls for preventing SQL injention.

7. Ivory : Flexible Front-end Framework

IVORY is a lightweight front-end framework that can handle responsive layouts from 320px to 1200px widths. It has a 12-column grid and comes with styles for typography, forms, buttons, tables, pagination, toggle-switches, tooltips, accordion, tabs and more.

8. Razor Flow : PHP Framework for Building HTML5 Powered Dashboards

RazorFlow is a PHP framework for easily creating dashboards that work well on all major devices and browsers. It works by simply inserting a single PHP file into any app, feeding it with data and choosing the output type. The outputs can be charts (many chart types are supported), data grids or items that display a single value.

9. Bespoke.js : For Custom Presentation and Sliders

Bespoke.js is a lightweight (less than1kb minified-gzipped) JavaScript framework for crafting totally custom presentations or content sliders. It is a foundation that offers the base (keyboard + touch support and adding the necessary classes to slide items) and the rest (CSS transitions or any other JS ) can be developed however preferred. There is a JavaScript API provided with all the major events like next, prev, a specific slide, etc. and a plugin system exists for extending it.

10. Extra Strength Responsive Grids

Extra Strength Responsive Grids is a CSS framework that comes with solutions to various issues experienced in responsive layouts. The framework is completely grid-focused (no styles for typography, tables, form, etc.) and uses percentage-based width adjustments. For smaller screens, besides using less columns, elements can be resized smartly. Also, it has support for nested grids and the framework is built on top of SASS that allows any quick customization.

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