10 Habits of Creative People

Do you consider yourself creative, or strive to be more creative? There is no doubt that there are similarities in the habits of the world’s most creative people. Here are 10 habits of creative people so that you may adapt these habits to fit into your own creative lifestyle.

1. Separate Creativity from Work

Practice creativity and take on creative tasks and projects that are not all work related. This helps separate creativity from being strictly associated with work. When your creativity is always tied to your paycheck and livelihood, that pressure can stifle creativity.

2. Go Back to “The Drawing Board” Regularly

Most people only go back to the beginning when they are stuck, or suffering from a creativity block. Highly creative people go back to “The Drawing Board” on a regular basis. Don’t worry about having multiple projects running at once, the creativity for each one can feed on the others. Sometimes you just need to start over to get a fresh perspective.

3. Take Risks:

Giving yourself “permission” to go back to that drawing board also allows you to take risks that you might not otherwise feel comfortable taking because you know if your risk doesn’t pay off, then you can start over again. Creativity needs risk to be innovative.

4. Take Time to Play Everyday

If you think about it, we are most creative as children because children play every day, all the time. Play is a launching pad for creativity. Creativity actually requires play.

5. Work During the Hours that Work for You

Of course, you have to be at work when you are scheduled; however bosses and administrations that need to get the most creativity out of their employees will begin to understand that flex hours and flex work spaces are best for promoting efficiency, creativity, and productivity from their employees. When you choose to work at the time and place when and where you are most creative, the more creative you will be!

6. Be Observant

Creative people pay attention to the details in their environment. Watch out for the little things, colors, words, etc. People watching are another way of being observant that will help you be more creative. Being observant helps you also be more present and smart about your environment.

7. Seek New Experiences

Seeing the same things day after day can be mundane and can definitely put a damper on your creativity. Try new things, new foods, meet new people and take on new experiences to help spark your creativity.

8. Learn to Work Anywhere

If you have to work in the same place and same environment all the time, it doesn’t do anything to boost your creativity. Learn to work anywhere so that your creativity and flow are never stifled.

9. Wake Up Early

Waking up early allows you time for yourself whether that is thinking and organizing your thoughts, going for a walk, or partaking in what you do that makes you creative; that can be writing, art, music, etc. – whatever it is you are creative at.

10. Exercise

Exercise helps keep your mind clear and your body healthy. Adding exercise to your routine, whether it is daily or weekly helps to keep you productive and focused. One of the other reasons that exercise is good for your creativity is because it basically forces you to disconnect from all media, electronics, and work in general.

Summary and Takeaways for Your Company

Creativity is one of our favorite subjects at Webmoves because we always strive to be creative for our clients. Digital marketing requires strong aspects of creativity, as does any business. Hopefully you are inspired to incorporate some of the list of 10 habits of creative people into your life and work.

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